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CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2017The Nigeria Customer Experience Management Conference is the biggest forum to share professional standards and trends in customer service delivery. The conference would gather over 100 industry leading brands to demonstrate the latest practices and case studies revolutionizing social and multi-channel customer service strategies. The conference would draw a great number of customer service professionals, practitioners, managers and business leaders together to learn from examples of international service excellence and best practice.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity to gain a broad overview regarding the customer care markets, from call centres and help desks to face to face contact possibilities with customers.

The fifth edition of the conference (CEC 2017) will entail a lot of activities; such activities include discussion, workshop/training and many more. The discussions would be presided over by skilled resources persons who would deliver content packed conversation, as well as lectures on hot topics bordering on customer service delivery. They would also give insight on their personal experiences, with regards to customer service delivery


  • The move from Customer service to Customer experience
  • The Customer journeys
  • Touchpoint Management
  • Big data and customer experience
  • 21st Century Contact Centre.



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